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Brown Bomper Jacket with skirt

Sale price€90,00

100% cotton

Bompers remain relevant for several reasons:

1.Style: Bompers have their own unique style that combines comfort and fashion. They can come in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles, making them a versatile garment for many people.

2. Versatility: Bompers can be worn in a variety of situations and conditions. They can be used as part of an everyday closet as well as for outdoor activities or sporting events.

3. Functionality: Many bombers are made from technological materials that provide protection from wind, cold and moisture. This makes them a popular choice for the winter months and in choppy weather.

4. Fashion Trends**: Bompers are constantly part of fashion trends and can be reimagined and reinterpreted by designers each season.

5. Comfort: Bompers are often padded and loose fitting, making them very comfortable to wear all day long.

Because of these factors, bompers remain a popular choice in the fashion world and continue to attract attention from both men and women.


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